Why You Should Apply for an ACE Grant

Did you know that Alta Community Enrichment proudly supports the artistic, cultural and educational endeavors of local community members each year?

There are four grants that ACE offers to members of the community; The Artist Grant, The Young Guns Grant, The WEXL Education Grant and The Community Service Grant.

Baily Jones has received two ACE Grants to pursue her passion for ballet.  In 2009 she was awarded the Artist Grant to attend the summer course at The School of American Ballet. In 2010 she was awarded the WEXL Education Grant to attend Houston Ballet's Summer Course, Houston Ballet is the 4th largest Ballet Company in the USA.


In an interview we asked Baily a few questions about her decision to apply for an ACE Grant:

Which ACE grant did you apply for?
The Artist Grant 2009 $1,000 and The WEXL Grant 2010 $1,000.
How old were you when you applied for the grant?
12 and 13 years old.
What did you intend to use the ACE grant funds to pursue?
The ACE Grant funds helped me pursue ballet summer intensives
Do you feel that since receiving the ACE grant it has made a difference in your endeavors you chose to pursue?
When receiving the ACE grant I had a very clear goal that I wanted to achieve. Since being rewarded I stuck to that path and followed my dreams. My aspirations never wavered, and ACE took part in helping me achieve my biggest goals.
What advice would you give to those thinking about applying for an ACE grant?
My advice for people applying for an ACE grant would be to really think about what you want to achieve, and commit to your goal.
When I was first starting my journey to where I am today, ACE was there to lend a helping hand. It gave me a great sense of community and support going forward. It meant a lot to me to feel this type of support.


Baily is now performing with the New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet with the help of the money she received from ACE to pursue her love for dance.

Each spring, several members of your community are chosen to receive funding to pursue their dreams…so what’s stopping you?

Apply for one of the four grants ACE has to offer Here.

Photo taken at Cartier's 5th Avenue Mansion Reopening featured in Vogue Magazine

Photo taken at Cartier's 5th Avenue Mansion Reopening featured in Vogue Magazine

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