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Cracking the Carb Cycle: What’s fueling you?

  • Black Bear Chalet 9920 East Perruvian Acre Road Alta, UT, 84092 United States (map)

Cracking the Carb Cycle: What’s fueling you?

Wednesday, May 16th | 5:30pm | Black Bear Chalet | Free

Join ACE and Vonni of Pure Health Transitions for a fun evening learning how to make Vitamin C gummy snacks and talking about how what we eat effects our energy levels.

Come and learn about transforming your body from being dependent on carbohydrates for energy to becoming Fat Adapted.  You will learn ways to efficiently burn your stored body fat as well as the fat you eat for energy and how to create more consistent energy through out the day.  Let’s come together and talk about how to improve our blood sugar, decrease cravings, think more clearly, have better focus and concentration, sleep better, and improve our performance.

Look closely at what you are eating and how that is affecting you now, leave the night with a list of new foods to get you on the right track, including snack foods for those tough moments. We will play in the kitchen and make a high protein, carb free snack that you and/or your kids will love.

I will introduce you to a strategy to follow using a diet of high-fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate foods (HFLC) that will reset your metabolism; boosting your brain function, accelerating your fat loss, increasing your energy, and allowing you to lose your cravings. 

Let this quick introduction be the beginning of optimizing your cell function to change your life. Get set up to improve nutrient delivery throughout your body, increase energy production in your mitochondria, support appetite neuro-regulation, and encourage hormonal balance. I will teach you secrets to make your transition from carbohydrate dependency to becoming Fat Adapted straightforward and simple to implement making it easier for you to adjust to these new patterns.

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