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On the Go Energy Treats & Nutritional Talk

  • Our Lady of the Snows (map)

On the Go Energy Treats & Nutritional Talk

Thursday, July 11th | 6pm | Our Lady of the Snows | Free

Learn how to make TWO On the Go Energy Treats and how to take a whole body, individualized approach to nutrition and with Vonni Tomlinson and Ginger Martinson, certified Nutritional Therapists. They will be speaking about “The Ketogenic Diet-What It Is, How It Works, Why We Love It and How To Do It Right.”

The Ketogenic Diet is a High Fat + Moderate Protein + Low Carbohydrate lifestyle approach to eating that has many different approaches, some great and some not so great! Find out how to do Keto right and avoid many of the common pitfalls and symptoms of the “Keto Flu”.

The Ketogenic diet switches the body from burning glucose for energy to burning fat. When the body burns fat, whether dietary fat or body fat, it produces ketones, which are used for fuel. When ketones are the primary source of fuel for the body, it’s known as being in ketosis. By switching from primarily a glucose burner, to a fat burner, we get off the blood sugar roller coaster meaning we are no longer controlled by food, needing to snack constantly, a victim of our cravings or subject to constant weight gain.

A properly designed Ketogenic diet can be a very successful and maintainable weight loss strategy, that not only aids in weight loss but offers many additional benefits to improve overall health such as increasing energy, improving clarity and focus, decreasing inflammation, and stabilizing moods. Weight loss is often seen as a side effect of Ketogenic therapies and it is no secret that many people have experienced amazing success with the diet.

As Nutritional Therapy Practitioners we take a whole body, individualized approach to nutrition. We focus on 6 foundations: diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration. With these foundations in mind, as well as our clients’ health goals and concerns, we design highly individualized plans to move our clients towards optimal wellness and their health goals. These plans include a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet, lifestyle modifications, a focus on self-care and possible supplementation recommendations to aid the body in healing.

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